I am co-head of research at TMC2, a London-based research and investment company that holds a broad portfolio of AI driven start-ups in entertainment, media, publishing and fintech.

Our research team is working on many challenging problems across different domains. My core expertise and research interest is in machine learning and its application to multimedia analysis and generation, recommendation systems and time series forecasting. Our goal is to solve real-world problems and create technological value for the companies in our portfolio. .

I obtained my PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Department of Applied Mathematics II at the University of Seville. In the scope of my thesis, I developed content-based description methods for the particular case of flamenco music. Most of this work was conducted in the COFLA research project.

I obtained an inter-university BSc and MSc in electrical- and audio-engineering from the Graz University of Technology and the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz (Austria). Later on, I obtained a MSc in Sound and Music Computing from Pompeu Fabra University (Spain).

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Email: nadine at tmc2 dot ai