A list of code projects I have been involved in. More can be found on my GitHub page.


canteLogo PyCante is a python module implementing the CANTE algorithm for automatic transcription of flamenco singing from monophonic and polyphonic music recordings. Publication | Code


logoSupplementary material for a publication on image-based singer identification in flamenco videos containing a Python implementation. Publication | Code



pexels-photo-97077.jpegA kernel exploring the genre tags in the KKBox Music Recommendation dataset. Code





A collection of Matlab implementations of numerical methods for optimisation, interpolation, integration and equation systems accompanying an undergraduate course at the University of Seville. Code



BinauralSIM is a desktop app for binaural synthesis with custom HRIRs, developed in the context of an undergraduate course on 3D-Audio at the Pompeu Fabra University. Publication | App